Banderols draw the customer’s attention to your merchandise

Banderols are the perfect choice any time two items that aren’t perfect matches or multiple products have to be combined into a retail package, for instance in conjunction with a promotion that features a free item. Weber offers different widths of banderols. The choice is yours: You have the option to use transparent banderols or to pre-print them in up to seven colours. Hence, there is plenty of room for creative ideas with the aim of coming up with a packaging design that drives large sales volumes and attracts lots of attention to your merchandise.

Visual and haptic features that drive sales

Full or partial surface adhesion banderols

Banderols can be utilized to loosely or adhesively combine products. Weber offers the option to limit the adhesion to specific material zones or positions. This facilitates the handling of products, in particular after the customer purchases them, but it also improves the visual appearance and the haptic feel. Hence, it promotes sales.

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Overview of our complementary services

We can assist you with a wide range of add-on solutions, such as packaging development for geometrically complex products to sleeve packaging of cylindric merchandise. We are experts in the creation of attractive, sturdy and protective transparent packaging.