Contract order pulling and consolidation

Unpacking, packaging, re-packaging and so much more ...

The industrial term “order pulling and consolidation” describes the final process manufacturing stage products go through in the value chain. Specifically, the term refers to the steps in which merchandise and products are re-packaged, cleaned or inspected, re-combined, labelled, marked, packaged, etc. As commissioned and based on the customer’s specifications, the products are prepared and consolidated, separated, sorted and/or counted, or processed into component groups and more.

We handle the order pulling, consolidation and packaging of all product categories automatically or manually, place them in displays, consolidate small components, sort items or handle the shipping process. Our teams complete such orders professionally, in compliance with the specifications, in a timely manner and cost effectively. You decide whether you want us to assist you with the selection, composition and acquisition of packaging materials for production or whether you prefer to handle such jobs yourself. You can always count on our comprehensive advice aiming at attaining the most efficient results.

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We can assist you with a wide range of add-on solutions, such as packaging development for geometrically complex products to sleeve packaging of cylindric merchandise. We are experts in the creation of attractive, sturdy and protective transparent packaging.