Displays for many product categories

Perfect product presentation

When we develop displays, we enjoy the maximum possible leeway when it comes to the design affiliated with the presentation of your merchandise – starting with the packaging options, such as blister packs, banderols or wrapping to the actual display, which is obviously at the heart of your product presentation. We fabricate our retail displays from plastic materials and corrugated cardboard. As far as the design and the printing are concerned, the sky is virtually the limit as we can accommodate a wealth of options.

Weber develops attractive sales generators using corrugated cardboard and plastic materials. We focus on the product specifications and custom tailor the display to your unique needs. The solutions we develop are perfectly matched with your products, both visually and logistically. No matter whether your objective is to sell lightweight sweet treats or heavy laundry detergents – we offer displays for every product category. We guarantee the transportation safety of our displays along with compliance with module dimensions, for instance for the logistical handling on CHEP pallets, for counter presentations or freestanding displays. In conjunction with the development process, we directly optimize our displays based on the feedback we receive, e.g. based on unprinted prototypes and product dummies. We will also provide you with empty displays or displays containing dummies so that you can effectively prepare your promotional activities.

Complete display development services

From design to set-up

Weber will assist you with the development of custom-designed retail display from the beginning. Upon request, we hence also assume responsibility for the design and the procurement of the sales promoting materials – at the best prices available on the market. Moreover, we are ready to handle the warehousing activities and assume the role of interface between your company and the component manufacturer. Within the scope of these activities, we also obtain the necessary logistics data and present it in an informative manner. Shipping can either be handled by us or by your or our qualified logistics partners. Upon request, we will accommodate the entire process to the end and will ensure the professional set-up and diligent presentation on site.

We create attractive sales promoting materials made of corrugated cardboard and plastic materials, product specifically and custom-tailored to your specific needs (counter displays, floor displays, CHEP 1/4 or CHEP pallets).

In this context, the selection of the perfect materials, the compliance with module dimensions, the attractive presentation of the product in the display and guaranteed transportation safety are just as much part of our standards as the creation of prototypes, including their transportation and stability tests (e.g. 1:1 unprinted prototypes for presentation, label designed dummies for the preparation of promotional activities). We provide:

  • Assistance with the creation of the design aiming at optimum printing results
  • The ordering of sales promotion materials at the best prices available in the market
  • The keeping of inventory and warehousing, including inventory management
  • The determination and depiction of logistics data for direct use by your company and in retail
  • The handling of artwork – we act as the coordinating interface between your company/agency and the component manufacturer
  • The expert set-up and diligent product placement by trained staff (single promotion or continuous handling in accordance with a schedule)
  • The preparation and handling of shipments through your or our qualified logistics partner

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Overview of our complementary services

We can assist you with a wide range of add-on solutions, such as packaging development for geometrically complex products to sleeve packaging of cylindric merchandise. We are experts in the creation of attractive, sturdy and protective transparent packaging.