Skin packs

Cost effective, quick, secure yet attractive packaging!

As another great option, Weber offers skin packs for your products, which secure your merchandise with a thin, highly transparent synthetic film to a cardboard or plastic base. Skin packs are the ideal solution for small components. They provide a packaging option that is visually attractive and can be manufactured quickly for a budget price.

In fact, skin packs work for virtually any product – even for slightly heavier merchandise. Small technical components, or, for instance, textile materials that are loose on one end can be effectively secured. The film adhesion makes it possible to keep the product in a permanent position. This advantage also translates into a smart design option: Weber can assist you with the creation of a customized base card that drives and promotes sales. This is a central component of all skin packs. We design these cards to complement your product – not only in terms of shape, but of course also when it comes to the visual appearance. The card, which is made from cardboard or plastic materials is professionally imprinted and makes your product stand out. An added feature is that thanks to the thin film fixation, the product can actually be integrated into the design of the base card. The result is a complete, sales-driving package that places the focus on the product.

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