Custom-designed thermoformed packaging

Different thicknesses of blister trays and thermoformed packaging

Thermoformed components are obviously important standard products in Weber’s packaging portfolio. This packaging solution can be customized and is compelling not only because of the extreme sturdiness of the packaging, but also because it delivers an absolutely premium appearance, which is a tremendous benefit. Thermoformed packaging can be tailored to your specific merchandise so that it provides optimum protection while showcasing the product. You may also choose to use one of our proven standard blister caps, which are available in several dimensions. Simply ask us – we will work with you to find the best packaging solution to accommodate all of your needs.

On our machines, we can process a wide range of different transparent film. Sub-millimetre thickness options are available, as are thermoformed packaging solutions that are stronger and exceed one millimetre in thickness. It all depends on whether a part is rather small and lightweight or especially large and heavy. Weber can assist you with advice on anything from what appears to be a simple blister cap to technical thermoformed components to complex thermoformed packaging (e.g. fold-over blister packs). We also offer special features:

Special features

Reverse or close-to-the-ground options for the placement and adhesion of manuals or printed cardboard inserts are just some of these features. Weber also offers easy-opening-options to boost the customer-friendly handling of the packaging. This is a remarkable benefit, especially when it comes to re-closable packaging. Moreover, we always keep a keen eye on our ecological footprint in conjunction with all packaging solutions.

Ecological packaging materials

Upon request, we will use alternative virgin quality packaging material with a high content of regenerated synthetic materials. We also offer expanded production and order pulling options with a consistent focus on our customers’ interests. Weber guarantees that the process will run smoothly – from inquiry to delivery.

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Overview of our complementary services

We can assist you with a wide range of add-on solutions, such as packaging development for geometrically complex products to sleeve packaging of cylindric merchandise. We are experts in the creation of attractive, sturdy and protective transparent packaging.