Cellophane packaging makes your products shine, with freshness enhancement and aroma protection

Our cellophane wraps are ideal for the presentation of premium merchandise, such as cosmetics, perfumes, sweet treats and gourmet foods as well as patisserie and other food items. We use highly transparent and shimmering film to achieve the best possible, delectable and exclusive presentations – while effectively protecting the aroma and freshness, which is key, especially when it comes to food products and perfume!

Products in the gourmet food, sweet treat and nutritional supplements segments, as well as luxury merchandise, such as perfumes or high-end cosmetics do not only have to be presented in the most attractive and inviting manner, their taste and aromas also have to be effectively protected by their packaging. The highly transparent and airtight film protects wrapped products from exterior contaminants, keeps them fresh, retains the scent and/or taste of the product and emphasizes the fantastic quality and attractiveness of the product even more.

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We can assist you with a wide range of add-on solutions, such as packaging development for geometrically complex products to sleeve packaging of cylindric merchandise. We are experts in the creation of attractive, sturdy and protective transparent packaging.