Weber is your contact in all matters affiliated with component and product consolidation, counting, sorting or bundling: as a full-service packaging solutions provider we know what our customers want and need. We consistently offer customized solutions from our comprehensive product-specific, market-driven and promotions-amplifying sales portfolio!

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Handling – we do it all!

Our (contract) order pulling services include the addition of protective and value-enhancing packaging elements to your semi-finished goods. The result: attractive end products. In conjunction with these services, we mount your products, sort and count the components, batch or bundle the finished merchandise, label, add banderols and quality-check them. All of these services are available for small and large volumes: Weber is just as ready to handle small batch sizes as it is for standardised series production.

Upon request, we offer complete ex-factory handling services for your products – including pick-up. We assume the role of packaging solutions provider and/or outsourcing warehouse and take care of all interim processes, including delivery to the customer. Indirectly, we can even go beyond that, since we do not only develop packaging solutions, but also attractive displays for the eye-catching presentation of your products.

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An overview of our other services

As a full-service packaging solutions provider, we offer everything from simple packaging solutions to shipping & logistics as well as the implementation of custom-tailored solutions.

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