Thermoformed packaging

Thermoforming is a process that moulds thermoplastic synthetic materials into different shapes. During this process, synthetic film is heated up until it becomes pliable and is then pulled on a so-called thermoforming tool with the assistance of vacuum pressure. The plastic component is subsequently allowed to cool off and moulded.

Multi-functional and versatile

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Plastic trays and custom-designed thermoformed packaging are utilized in warehousing, sorting, protection and transportation applications and/or present, encase and promote your product... Trays are also extraordinarily effective solutions for the presentation of new products. Technically functional thermoformed components are helpful logistics handling tools.

Fold-over blister packs offer the benefit that customers can check out the front and the back of your product. As an alternative you can of course also insert a promotional card to complement the product. This process does not require a sealing tool since the fold-over pack can be closed when folded over. We utilize back-drop cuts and smart locking mechanisms to protect the content.

Slider blister packs are ideal for packaging solutions that have to be opened and closed with great frequency. The blister cap is designed in such a manner that either a cardboard piece featuring artwork or a matching piece of transparent film can be inserted. This makes the sealing step in the production process redundant, which is absolutely essential for sealed blister packs that have a similar effect.

Sealed blister packs consist of a combination of the traditional plastic tray and a cardboard box that are welded together with a sealing tool and subsequently sealed. A blister card imprinted with your custom-designed artwork makes the product stand out and puts your company at the centre of the shopper’s attention. Sealed blister packs are particularly effective if hygiene is a priority, for instance in cosmetic or pharmaceutical applications, but also for the packaging of writing instruments.

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