Tool and Mould Fabrication

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To be able to manufacture thermoformed components, such as trays or blister packs, thermoforming tools are an absolute necessity.

Tool and Mould Fabrication

Weber has proficient expertise in the production of moulds, which we use only for thermoformed packaging materials.

As a rule, these blister packs are subsequently sealed onto an imprinted cardboard blister card with a sealing tool (also referred to as a welding tool), which consists of the seal bases, so-called sealing/welding electrodes and concisely fitting centring systems.

As a contract packaging solutions provider, Weber cooperates with third party experts when it comes to the development, procurement and maintenance/reworking of tool components.

These cooperative arrangements allow us to ensure, on your behalf, that everything – from the initial idea, to the first sample, to the compilation of technical drawings and the building of prototypes to the fabrication of the series production tool, and subsequently the development and finally the production processes, run smoothly and expeditiously. We also ensure that the tool is optimally aligned with the quantities to be produced and the machining processes. We ascertain that the production department reliably and consistently delivers the specified quality.

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