We have been servicing customers all over Germany and Europe since 1978. Weber is the right address if you are in the market for suitable packaging for your merchandise. Our focus is on all types of transparent packaging, from shrink-wrapping to blister packs to customized thermoformed packaging. Moreover, we develop displays and cardboard packaging. Another service we offer is co-packing. Working in partnership with us will of course also give you the option to utilize us as your outsourced warehouse and we will provide expert interim storage services.

Product Warehousing

Warehousing comprises only a small portion of the services we offer.

Our competencies in the disciplines of technology, organisation and logistics as well as our numerous production facilities enable us to provide flexible and efficient services for both, small and very large orders. Not only do we package your products as a packaging solutions provider, if necessary, we will also pick them up at your production site, interim store them and distribute them to your retailers and other sales partners. If desired, we can also include a custom-tailored display, seasonal gift set packaging or multi-promotions packs. We have the capability to accommodate any requirement in this process chain and always welcome your custom requests!

Moreover, we have room for a whole lot of pallets! At our various facilities, we have at our disposal ultra-modern warehousing solutions and can meet your load carriage layer heights with complete flexibility. We are ready to accommodate a wide spectrum of specifications. We always store climate-sensitive products in temperature monitored areas. We have storage permits for various classes of dangerous goods on specifically equipped premises. It goes without saying that we have a highly effective pest control system in place at all of our warehousing and production facilities.

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An overview of our other services

As a full-service packaging solutions provider, we offer everything from simple packaging solutions to shipping & logistics as well as the implementation of custom-tailored solutions.

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