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Insights into our company

The history of our enterprise - Klarsicht-Verpackungen Weber GmbH – dates back to 1978, the year the company was incorporated in Herxheim near Karlsruhe, Germany. Robert Weber, the company’s founder, placed the focus of the business on the construction of blister packaging machines as well as the production of thermoformed and blister packaging supplies combined with contract order pulling services. Our company still does business in all of these segments today. In addition, we offer many new services, packaging technologies and custom-tailored developments for our customers. From packaging consulting and concept development services to full-service production handling (including warehousing) as well as packaging embellishments, we offer an all-encompassing portfolio of solutions.

We are a forward-thinking enterprise and as such, we closely monitor and mitigate our ecological footprint. If you are looking for sustainable packaging supplies as well as solutions that ensure the attractive presentation of your products, we encourage you to reach out to us.

“Let’s do this”, Robert Weber decided in 1978 and as a consequence, he established his company, Klarsicht-Verpackungen Weber GmbH. It quickly became renowned in the market for its focus on the following endeavours:

The manufacturing of blister packs, thermoformed packaging and contract order pulling. As early as 1985, he was compelled to expand the production and warehouse space. Frank Berger has been the owner of the company since 2001. As its Managing Director, he is actively involved in the day-to-day operations and continues to foster the success story of the business. In 2012, he was joined at the helm of the company by Murat Bayrak as the second Managing Director and co-owner.

As a team, the two Directors are expanding the business portfolio step-by-step by adding new packaging technologies: Technical thermoformed packaging, blister, skin and sleeve packs as well as wrapping and blister wrapping services are part of the standard portfolio today, as are manual/automated labelling services. Manual contract-labour-based services, such as display assembly, small component consolidation, assortments and other product handling jobs complete the portfolio.

Company Profile

Klarsicht-Verpackungen Weber


We are a full-service packaging solutions provider that has the capability to deliver or handle everything from individual packaging components, such as small banderols, to service packs in promotional containers as part of a comprehensive total procurement system. As a result, we are able to reduce the workload in your supply chain organisation’s post-production processes (pick-up, packaging, interim storage, delivery to your customer):

We offer blister packs, sleeve packs, thermoformed packaging, labels and many more transparent packaging solutions. As a co-packer service, we are also in a position to handle order pulling assignments. Even the development of displays and packaging supply wholesale are part of our business portfolio.

We currently operate eight different production plants in Herxheim, Germany and have at our disposal approx. 34,000 sqm of commercial space, including warehousing space. All of our buildings boast ultra-modern technology and equipment and are designed for a vast spectrum of different industry needs and product requirements. In everything we do, the safe operation of our sites is priority one, as it aims at the protection of all of our staff.

Is your company doing business in the food industry or the non-food sector, the cosmetics industry or the automotive sector? Do you need packaging solutions for fragile products or dangerous goods? We will be pleased to handle these jobs for you!

Over many years, we have become a well-established partner for packaging, order pulling and the outsourcing needs of renowned manufacturers in these and other market segments. Our trust-based business relationships prosper because of our professionalism, secure process handling in everyday transactions and in the handling of projects; however, first and foremost also because of consistently amicable and positive interactions between everyone involved.